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The Charity Fund

During the past 15 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars has been contributed to numerous charities. This has greatly enhanced the success of the Charity Program. Funds have been donated to hospitals, orphanages, burn centers, epileptic centers and other health and welfare projects. As part of its annual giving, the Charity Committee makes a donation to a local charity in the city where the Southern Federation hosts its annual convention.

Under the guidance of Charity Director Stephanie Hatfield, the Charity Committee reviews charitable causes to determine the extent of financial assistance to be given. The decision is at the discretion of the Director and Committee. They are generally made aware of worthy causes through committee members or members of the Southern Federation.

Donations to the Charity Fund may be given to celebrate the occasion of a birthday or anniversary as well as in memory of relatives or friends. Contributions may also be made directly to specific projects established by the Charity Committee.

Over the years, contributions have been made by the Southern Federation's affiliated clubs, individuals members and the Federation itself. Donations have also been given by non-Federation members interested in the projects undertaken by the Committee.

For more information, contact Stephanie Hatfield at

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The Humanitarian Fund

As a non-political and non-religious organization, the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs (SFSLAC) and the Southern Federation Foundation, Inc. (SFFI), and in adherence with both mission statements, have formed the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund (LHF) Committee to raise funds through donations in support of humanitarian relief efforts carried out by non-political and non- religious organizations to help those suffering from such tragic catastrophes.

The people of Lebanon desperately need our help now more than ever. We are in touch with some of non-political and non-religious organizations (such the Lebanese Red Cross, The American University of Beirut Disaster Relief, the St. George Medical Center, Lebanon for Tomorrow, and many more) that are on the ground in Beirut helping as much as they can. 

We are pleading for your donations. Any amount, no matter the size, will make a difference.  

Right you can forward your donation check payable to the “Southern Federation Foundation, Inc., Attention Lebanon Humanitarian Fund” and mail it to Salah Diab, Chairman, 5535 Lost Ln., San Antonio, TX 78238. 

Please contact Salah Diab at for information.

Lebanon Humanitarian Fund Committee: Salah E. Diab, PhD., P.E., Chairman, San Antonio, Texas; members: Sharon Abercia, Houston, Texas; Osama Abounasr, Seabrook, Texas; Nancy Karam Abrusley, Oakdale, Louisiana; Tony Bikhazi, Waxhaw, North Carolina; Austin David, Wichita, Kansas; Albert Johary, M.D. Roswell, Georgia; Arthur Jones, Jackson, Mississippi; Joe Joseph, Jr., Austin, Texas; Patricia Karam, San Antonio, Texas; Richard J. Karam, Esq., San Antonio, Texas; Jerry (Trey) Lavespere, Esq., Seabrook, Texas; Jamil Mahfoud, Atlanta, Georgia; Johnny Mekari, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; George B. Murr, Esq., Houston, Texas; Abeer Saad, Waxhaw, North Carolina.

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