Scholarship Program



The Southern Federation Foundation has awarded over 2,000 scholarships and approximately 245 “Gifts for Knowledge” totaling well over $2.3 million since the inception of the Scholarship Program in 1949.

Scholarships are presented to members who are recent high-school graduates enrolling in a university. Applications are reviewed, approved and awarded by the Scholarship Committee. A strong feeling of commitment is planted with each scholarship awarded, as the scholarships fund the acquisition of knowledge, providing recipients with skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to society. Past recipients have used their education to serve society in fields such as law, medicine and business, and have also actively participated in the leadership of the Federation. In the beginning, one dollar from each Southern Federation convention registration was directed for the Scholarship Fund and the Scholarship Committee worked to raise the additional funds needed. Today, scholarships are funded by contributions from the Southern Federation's affiliated clubs, its individual members, the Federation itself and non-Federation members interested in education, our organization, and our heritage.

There are three primary ways to designate a contribution to the Scholarship Fund:

One-Time Scholarship

This is a scholarship requiring a minimum of $500.00 donation.  The donation bears the name of whomever the donor wishes and is presented in the year received.

Perpetual Scholarship

This is a scholarship in which the contribution is invested in an interest bearing account.  There are three types of endowments:  (1) Funded Endowment, (2) Growing Endowment, (3) Depleting Endowment.  The scholarship bears the name of whomever the donor wishes.  This gift keeps on giving!  

Gift for Knowledge

This is a scholarship made available by the contributions of many people.  A contribution to this fund may be given in memory of someone, in honor of someone, as a “get well” wish, or in celebration of a birthday or anniversary.  No amount is too small.


The Scholarship Committee hosts a reception at the Federation's Annual Convention for all students applying for scholarships and for the donors whom make these scholarships possible.

Please contact if you would like to make a contribution to the Scholarship Fund.