The Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs is an organization of heritage established in 1931 by first-generation Americans of Syrian Lebanese descent. Their mission was to give to the United States a pure Americanism with their fullest loyalty and undying allegiance, because America provided them and their posterity a new life of hope --- a hope founded upon principles of freedom, equality and opportunity.

The Federation is an organization which combines pure Americanism with the traditions of Syria and Lebanon: strong traditions of belief in God, sense of family, love of heritage and willingness to serve each other. It is an organization which honors the memory of its illustrious ancestors and exalts the great contributions which its race has made to mankind.

The Federation recognizes the diverse religious and political beliefs of its members and therefore the Federation does not promote or foster any sectarian, religious or political movements.

Governing Body

The Federation operates under a Constitution and By-Laws and is governed by the elected offices of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer; an Executive Board, composed of 15 members lead by an elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman; state Vice-Presidents from each state within the Federation Territory who are elected by the members of their respective states; a Scholarship Director; a Charity Director; and a Representative of the National Association.

In addition, ex-officio members of the Executive Board include the officers and the immediate Past President and incumbent President of the Young Adults Affiliate. Elections are held each year at the summer Convention. The officers and Board meet at least twice a year.

Federation Territory

The Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs includes eighteen states in the Southern United States. There are other Syrian Lebanese Federations as well, including the Midwest Federation and the National Federation