Southern Federation Events

The tradition of heritage and fellowship is celebrated throughout the year by Federation members at the many events sponsored by Affiliated Clubs and members in their respective cities and states. The entire Federation Family gathers twice annually, sharing traditional foods, dances, and fellowship at Summer Conventions and Mid-Winter Conferences. The Summer Convention (usually held on the 4th of July weekend) includes the following highlights:

  • Cultural Events
  • Grand Banquet
  • Haflis (parties with live Arabic entertainment)
  • Scholarship Awards Luncheon
  • Debutante Presentation
  • Young Adult Club and Activities
  • Host City Tours and Special Events
  • Organized Sporting Events (when possible)
  • Hospitality Room
  • Child Care
  • Activities For All Age Groups

The Federation Conventions and Conferences offer fun for all ages -- young adult activities, pool side parties, sports, traditional and popular dances, ethnic foods, cultural and educational seminars, debutante presentations, child care and children's activities -- festivities for all family members. These events and activities create many opportunities to meet people from all over the United States and to make new friends for a lifetime.