Club Membership

Club Memberships are available to local clubs of Syrian or Lebanese Heritage and their members within Federation Territory. To be elligible for Club Membership, a club must have no fewer than ten (10) members in good standing at the time of its application.


The entrance fee for a club shall be $25.00 in addition to the annual dues.

The annual dues for each club amount to the number of club members x $8.00 per year and shall be renewed annually.

Initial Amount Due = $25.00 + (Club Members x $8.00)

Club Rosters:

Each year a full and complete roster of the members of each club shall be submitted with the dues and application. This roster shall include, name, address, phone number, and email address of each member.

Please click the following link to download the Club Member application. All applications shall be sent to the Secretary (address on form) with the required fee. Make checks out to The Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs or SFSLAC.

Club Member Benefits:

  • Participation in Federation-wide activities and events, including the annual conventions and mid-winter conferences
  • Subscription to the Official Bulletin
  • Scholarship Eligibility (when applicable)
  • Essay Contest Eligibility (when applicable)
  • Eligibility to hold office in the Southern Federation (when applicable)
  • Convention and Conference Information Materials
  • Discounts for Conventions and Conference Registration (when applicable)

For questions, please email