A Message from the President

On behalf of the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs, welcome to our website.

The Southern Federation is a cultural organization that was formed in 1931 to promote pure Americanism, to maintain traditional fellowship, heritage and culture, and to encourage educational, civic and charitable projects. Most of our forefathers emigrated from the Levant prior to either Lebanon or Syria becoming nations independent of the Ottoman Empire. Still, as Lebanon is mentioned 71 times in the Bible and Syria has an ancient name and identity far older than the nation, most of our members identify their heritage as Lebanese or Syrian. Although nearly all Syrian and Lebanese immigrants at the time of our founding were, and the vast majority of Americans of Lebanese and Syrian heritage remain, Catholic or Orthodox, and devotion to God, along with love of family, are tenets of our culture, our clubs are social clubs that celebrate our heritage and its contributions to the United States without religious affiliation or political stance, and are open to all regardless of creed or politics.

Please explore our website. You will discover that our Foundation supports charity, culture and scholarship. Our library has articles on the birth of our Federation and the achievements of our Phoenician ancestors. Our ancestors, situated at a crossroads of Europe and Asia, were a melting pot of the ancient world, influencing world culture beyond expectations based on geographic area. Other library articles note that our contributions to, and achievements in, the American melting pot continue that tradition and also transcend our estimated 0.16 – 0.5% of the American population.

A highlight of our Federation is its conventions and conferences. Conventions and conferences not only draw members of our clubs and other individuals from the eighteen states of our Federation, but also many attendees from outside the Federation, and even a few from outside the United States, that gather to network, share values, eat local and traditional foods, and dance to cultural music, as well as conduct Federation business. Whether you share our culture, married into it, or are just a fan, we welcome you all.


Jeremy Frank
Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs