Application for Club Membership

We herewith make application for membership in the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs, Inc. Below is information about our organization and our roster is attached.

All new clubs require approval by the Southern Federation President, Southern Federation Vice President, and the Southern Federation State Vice President of your state. You will be promptly notified of your acceptance into the Federation.

There is a one-time entrance fee of $25.00. Dues are $8.00 per member per year and are due May 15.
NOTE: Fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.

Make checks payable to: SFSLAC or The Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs.

Please mail your check, this Club Application Form, and your Membership Roster to:
Lori Malouf Coronado, Federation Secretary, 2600 E. Ward Terrace #32, Anaheim, CA 92806
Or email electronic forms to: For questions, call Lori at 626-862-2607.

Voting Strength:

  • 1 – 9 members:zero (0) votes
  • 10 – 37 members:four (4) votes
  • 38 – 62 members:seven (7) votes
  • 63 – 100 members:ten (10) votes
  • 101 – 150 members:thirteen (13) votes
  • 151 – 170 members:fifteen (15) votes
  • Over 170 members:fifteen (15) votes plus one (1) vote for every 20 members above 170
  • Under "Unit Rule" a majority of the delegates of any Affiliated Member Club present during voting, or even one member of a Affiliated Member Club's delegation, if present alone, shall control the total votes of said Affiliated Member Club and is entitled to cast the votes allotted to that Affiliated Member Club.
  • Under "Individual rule" each delegate, or in their absence each alternate, must be present to cast the vote.
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Our Club Will Vote :

  If no choice is made, your club will vote Unit Rule